Why do most milk tea shops use vegetable fat powder

What is milk tea? Baidu’s explanation is a mixture of milk and black tea. What is the milk tea in the street milk tea shop now? Which raw materials are made up of. Now our common milk tea is made of black tea, fat powder, condensed milk, fructose and additional ingredients.
The production process is to make black tea first. After the black tea is brewed and filtered, and then added with vegetable fat powder and condensed milk, it is quickly stirred to make it fully dissolved.

At this time, the milk flavor is the strongest. After mixing well, add ice to cool the tea. Ice is added not only to cool down, but also to dilute the concentration of milk tea, and it is easier to preserve at low temperature.At this time, the semi-finished products also contain the fine residue of black tea and the small lumpy powder which is not completely dissolved in the fat end. At this time, we need secondary filtration. The finished product of filtration is the milk tea in the milk tea bucket. The milk tea sold out is the finished product in the bucket with ingredients and fructose, and the sealing is completed. This is the milk tea in your hand.

Why should milk tea be made with vegetable fat powder instead of milk and black tea mixed like Baidu’s explanation? This requires some analysis:
The key is the cost. The total cost of a cup of 500ml milk tea mixed with vegetable fat powder is about 3.5 (the grade price of raw materials is determined, but the gap is not big). This is not including the rent, water and electricity and labor costs of raw materials, has been relatively high.

What about the cost of mixing pure milk and black tea? Will it be high, I’m here to tell you, No. The raw material cost of milk tea made by mixing pure milk and black tea is about 5 yuan. It needs to use pure milk with full fat, as long as it reaches 3.3 g per 100ml of protein and 45 mg (2%) of sodium per 100ml. Because the higher the milk protein, the better, and the lower the sodium content, the better.

So from the cost point of view, the single cup milk tea gap is not big, but the milk tea shop needs to walk, so the price of vegetable fat powder has more advantages. In terms of taste and color, the milk tea mixed with vegetable fat powder has strong milk flavor and dark color. The mixed products of milk and black tea taste lighter, more prone to partial tea flavor. The color is lighter. If you need to improve the taste, you should at least add light cream, of course, you can mix other things to adjust the taste, but this will increase the cost again, which is not very cost-effective.

In addition, the time required to make a single cup of milk tea also has a great impact. The production process of a cup of milk tea with fat powder is basically poured out from the prepared base of milk tea bucket, adding materials, adjusting sugar content and sealing. This process may be completed in more than ten seconds. Regardless of the heating time, the production process may be completed in two minutes.

And milk and black tea mix faster, black tea is also prepared first, take a certain amount and then mix appropriate amount of pure milk, and then use condensed milk, fructose, cream and even coconut milk to make the taste, and then add ingredients to seal the base, which is basically completed. Therefore, the milk tea mixed with milk and black tea usually takes 5 minutes or more, and it takes time to cook milk tea now. This has an impact on customer experience and billing efficiency.

There are also the preservation of raw materials, pure milk should be used up 24 hours after unsealing, and the shelf life of the end of vegetable fat is about one month. The preservation conditions of the two are different, one needs to be sealed and refrigerated, the other only needs to be sealed and dried. The volume of liquid milk is larger, so it needs to occupy a large space in the small space of milk tea shop.

Due to a variety of reasons, the vegetable fat powder has more advantages than pure milk, which results in most milk tea shops in the street are made of vegetable fat powder. Of course, there are also many milk tea shops to pursue quality, to meet the needs of customers healthy drinking milk tea.