Why does solid beverage milk tea use vegetable powder?

Why does solid beverage milk tea use vegetable powder? People who like to drink milk tea and make milk tea must have found that the most added amount of milk tea formula is not milk powder, but vegetable fat powder. It’s not just milk tea shops that make milk tea, but also the products of many large milk tea factories, including some products of Nestle coffee. They are in the production process, added a lot of fat powder.

Because of its low cost, it is often used as an additive in milk tea or solid drink to make the taste of the drink better. Why does solid beverage milk tea use vegetable powder? It is well known that fat powder can reduce the production cost of drinks. In addition, the following will give you more reasons.

1. Although vegetable fat powder is not a food additive, it is a food ingredient. It belongs to the category of solid beverage in the national standard. If milk powder is directly used instead of vegetable fat powder, 50% milk powder does not belong to the category of solid drinks. It can be seen that in food additives, there is no additive that can perfectly replace the vegetable fat powder.

2. The fat powder products on the market are marked with trans fatty acid content, which is legal and compliant. The production technology and formula of vegetable fat powder have been improved. The products with zero trans fatty acid are very popular in the market and have no great impact on human health.

3. High quality vegetable powder can be used to produce various types of milk tea, which has a wide range of applications. Comparing the taste of milk tea made from ordinary whole milk powder and better milk essence, the milk tea product made by vegetable fat powder is more easily recognized by consumers.

To sum up, why does solid beverage milk tea use fat powder? The purpose of fat powder is to replace milk powder, which can reduce the cost. Vegetable fat powder can improve the taste, dissolve faster, better than milk powder. There are many kinds of vegetable fat powder according to the type and technology of main oil. If you want to run a milk tea shop, it is very wise to choose high-quality vegetable powder materials from Boduo international. Boduo international welcomes customers to come for consultation and cooperation!