Why is the process of non-dairy creamer improved?

As we all know, although non-dairy creamer is valuable for improving the taste of coffee, the main component of non-dairy creamer, hydrogenated vegetable oil, still has a certain impact on health. Hydrogenated vegetable oil does not exist in nature, which means that it is difficult to be metabolized under natural conditions. As for the non-dairy creamer, why improve the process? You can get a more detailed answer below.

Generally speaking, vegetable oils are mostly liquid, which is mainly due to the high degree of unsaturation of vegetable oils. In order to make vegetable oils change from liquid to solid, so that the stability and processing performance of vegetable oils are better, vegetable oil hydrogenation technology came into being.

Hydrogenated vegetable oil has good stability, convenient transportation and strong processing performance, and is loved by the food processing industry. However, it has been discovered in recent years that it is in the process of hydrogenating vegetable oil that not all unsaturated fatty acids become saturated fatty acids, but trans fatty acids are also produced.

Media reports have repeatedly emphasized that non-dairy creamer contains trans fatty acids and is harmful to health, but non-dairy creamer is not the only source of trans fatty acids, and there are also trans fatty acids in natural foods. The main source of trans fatty acids in food is processed foods, such as incompletely hydrogenated vegetable oils, vegetable oil refining processes, and high-temperature cooking for a long time.

Excessive intake of trans fatty acids can cause damage to the liver, thereby destroying the cell membrane of the human body, causing cell defects, affecting the future replication and regeneration of cells, and the harm to the human body is obvious. Therefore, for non-dairy creamer foods containing trans fatty acids, eat as little as possible to reduce the impact on health.

So, why did non-dairy creamer improve the process? In order to reduce the impact on human health, it is very necessary to improve the production process of non-dairy creamer and make raw materials for non-trans fatty acid content. This is also the goal that many milk tea raw material manufacturers have been pursuing.

At present, the news media and the Internet have over-magnified and hyped the harm of trans fatty acids in non-dairy creamer, which has caused panic among consumers. Everyone should treat this problem rationally and scientifically. A large number of studies have shown that as long as the daily intake of trans fatty acids is within 2g, the health of the body is basically not affected.

In summary, why is the process of non-dairy creamer improved? In order to relieve everyone’s nervousness about non-dairy creamer and improve the production process, Boduo International is very wise to produce non-trans fatty acid non-dairy creamer products. For milk tea raw material wholesalers, the milk tea raw materials provided by Boduo International are cheap and good quality, and they are very good raw material suppliers. Welcome to consult!