Why is the milk tea made with non-dairy creamer is not as good as the milk tea shop?

The factors that determine whether a cup of milk tea is good or not is not only vegetable fat powder. It’s not that with fat powder and black tea, you can make milk tea as good as milk tea shop.

Plant fat powder, tea, are all materials to be screened. Brewing time, standing time, the proportion of vegetable fat powder and tea fructose, these are important processes. It’s very simple to make milk tea. It’s not so simple to make milk tea with high quality.

1. Tea, there are Ceylon black tea, Earl Black tea, jasmine green tea, Taiwan four seasons green tea, frozen top oolong, etc. The taste of milk tea made from each kind of tea is the same. Ceylon and the Earl are black tea, so there is a big difference.

2. Fructose, fructose sweetness is not the same, blending out the taste is not the same.

3. The process of stewing tea will affect the taste of later milk tea.

4. There are many manufacturers and brands of Zhizhi powder, and the taste of each brand will be different.

To sum up, it is the main reason for the difference between the taste of milk tea and milk tea shop made by you with vegetable fat powder, which is basically the whole reason. Therefore, if you want to make a good cup of milk tea, you can’t just have the fat powder. You need to try and choose more to find the right proportion and make a good milk tea.