Why not ban hydrogenated vegetable oil in China?

Hydrogenated vegetable oil, also known as trans fatty acid, is the product of hydrogenation of ordinary vegetable oil at a certain temperature and pressure. Because it can not only prolong the shelf life, but also make cakes more crisp; at the same time, because of its high melting point, it can maintain the solid shape at room temperature, so it is widely used in food processing.

There is no clear standard for the use of hydrogenated vegetable oil in China. If there are words like “hydrogenated vegetable oil”, “vegetable butter”, “shortening” on the ingredient list, it means that the food contains trans fatty acids. In addition, coffee partner’s main ingredient “vegetable fat powder” is also “hydrogenated vegetable oil”.

Trans fatty acids are more harmful to human body than saturated fatty acids. For every 2% increase in dietary trans fatty acids, people’s risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases increases by 25%. Other experiments have found that trans fatty acids may cause Alzheimer’s disease.

The Department of Health (DH) has recently released a survey of 25 cooking oils used in the fast food industry. A total of 19 samples have been found to contain trans fatty acids, especially margarine and shortening oil. Most people think that the saturated fatty acids in animal oils are higher than those in vegetable oils, so they should apply vegetable butter when baking toast or bread, However, after years of research, it has been pointed out that the trans fatty acids in vegetable cream are mainly composed of trans fatty acids.It is also harmful to human body and may be more harmful than animal oil.

There are not many trans fatty acids in nature. Only a few animal oils contain a small amount of trans fatty acids. According to foreign studies, the hydrogenation of oils and fats during processing can produce trans fatty acids, which may cause cardiovascular diseases and harm health, Interfering with the metabolism of essential fatty acids may lead to some kind of cancer. In the manufacturing process, vegetable oil is hydrogenated. In modern diet, 4 / 8, namely unsaturated fatty acid molecules and hydrogen molecules, cis fatty acids will become unnatural trans fatty acids and become solid or semi-solid substances.

Trans fatty acids can also cause the following problems:
A. The infant is underweight;
B. The quality of breast milk is poor;
C. Abnormal semen production;
D. The secretion of testosterone in male decreased;
E. Increase the risk of cardiovascular disease;
F. The risk of cancer increased;
G. The incidence of prostate lesions increased;
H. The incidence of diabetes increased;
1. The probability of obesity increased;
J. Insufficient immunity:
K. Insufficient essential fatty acids

The main foods containing trans fatty acids are as follows:
Many people think that cream is used to make cakes in the cake room, which is actually wrong. This kind of “fresh cream” has nothing to do with cream at all. Its main component is plant milk essence, but it is actually a mixture of hydrogenated vegetable oil, starch hydrolysate, some protein components and other food additives.

Hydrogenated vegetable oil contains “trans fatty acids”, which is harmful to the heart if consumed in large quantities. This has been a consensus in the international community, so we should eat as little as possible at ordinary times. It’s the same with foreign fast food, cereal and so on. As long as you drink it properly, it won’t have a big impact. There’s no need to ¬†worry too much!