Why use non-dairy creamer to make milk tea?

Early milk tea originated in China and was made from tea and milk tea. However, modern milk tea is mainly a combination of oil and sugar, with the characteristics of high sugar, high oil and high calories. The milk teas on the market are generally made from creamer (coconut oil), especially the popular Taiwanese pearl milk tea. Many consumers therefore have questions: Why use non-dairy creamer to make milk tea? Is the milk tea made with non-dairy creamer delicious? The following will provide you with a brief introduction.

Taiwan’s pearl milk tea is very popular, mainly made with non-dairy creamer, tea and pearl powder balls. There are two different ways of eating, cold and hot, which not only quenches thirst, but also tastes very delicious. It is a very convenient trendy drink. In recent years, in order to enrich the taste of pearl milk tea, milk tea additives have gradually increased, with coffee jelly, grass, bean curd, pudding and other similar taste accessories, which have gained strong support and love from the market.

Why use non-dairy creamer to make milk tea? Vegetable fat powder is mainly made from hydrogenated vegetable oil. Commonly used fats include soybean oil, palm kernel oil, and coconut oil. It has good hydrophilicity, emulsification, stability, instant dissolution, ductility and special nutrition. Vegetable fat powder is abbreviated as non-dairy creamer, trans fatty acid, hydrogenated vegetable oil, and because its structure is similar to milk powder, it is also called vegetable creamer.

Why use non-dairy creamer to make milk tea? Due to its quick-dissolving, good coordination and strong “milk” taste, non-dairy creamer can replace milk powder or reduce the amount of milk used in food processing. It can achieve the purpose of reducing production costs while maintaining stable product quality, thereby obtaining more profits. Therefore, many milk tea shop operators like to use non-dairy creamer to make milk tea.

Is the milk tea made with non-dairy creamer delicious? The pearl milk tea currently on the market is usually made with black tea. If it is made with green tea, it is called pearl green milk or pearl milk green. In addition, in the process of improving the formula of pearl milk tea, we tried to use different types of non-dairy creamer to make more delicious milk tea.

Non-dairy creamer is made with high-quality vegetable oils and casein. It is used in milk powder, coffee, oatmeal, seasonings and related products. It is a high-quality raw material for food manufacturers, which can effectively improve the nutritional value of the product and enrich the taste of the product.

Non-dairy creamer is a food with hydrogenated vegetable oil and casein as the main raw materials. Its protein sources include milk powder, sodium caseinate, casein, whey protein concentrate, whey powder, wheat protein, soy protein concentrate, etc. It does not actually contain milk.

Different protein sources make different types of non-dairy creamers, and the flavors of milk tea made are different. Casein brings a sense of fullness; milk powder ingredients provide a milky aroma similar to milk. The non-dairy creamer containing whey powder and casein combines the two perfectly to present a rich full-fat milk flavor, which is very suitable for making pearl milk tea. Therefore, by choosing the right non-dairy creamer raw materials and the right milk tea formula, you can make delicious pearl milk tea.

In summary, why use non-dairy creamer to make milk tea? Is the milk tea made with non-dairy creamer delicious? The product characteristics of non-dairy creamer are superior, and it can make low-cost delicious milk tea. Not only the milk tea shops on the street like to use non-dairy creamer to make milk tea, but also the cups of instant milk tea sold in supermarkets like to use non-dairy creamer. If you want high-quality non-dairy creamer ingredients, Boduo International is willing to provide you with professional services, welcome to leave a message for consultation and cooperation!