Why use non-dairy creamer to make milk tea?

The milk tea business has developed rapidly in recent years. Pearl milk tea shops from China have been opened all over the world. Hong Kong style milk tea and desktop milk tea are popular all over the world, and have become a hot topic on Facebook and twitter. Many professionals engaged in milk tea industry found that many milk tea were added with vegetable fat powder. Why use non-dairy creamer to make milk tea?

There are many reasons for this. The main reason is that the fat powder is very similar to milk, and the price is low. The milk tea drink added with vegetable fat powder has better taste than milk. Therefore, vegetable fat powder is very common in many milk tea shops and is a very popular raw material of milk tea.

Why use non-dairy creamer to make milk tea? Many milk tea shop operators find that the production of milk tea with milk, fresh milk, light milk and condensed milk often leads to the high operating cost of the store, the actual profit space is small, and it is difficult to make money. Therefore, the operators of milk tea shop expect to replace milk and other raw materials with appropriate fat powder products. Although the nutritional value is reduced, the operating cost is not high, and the profit is guaranteed, so the milk tea shop can be operated.

Although milk tea shop operators have tried to use water, oil and white powder to make creamers in vegetable oil and stir them with water instead of milk. But as we all know, water and oil are immiscible in normal state. This requires the use of additives.

Therefore, the raw material of vegetable fat powder often contains emulsifier. Emulsifiers, as interfacial active agents, can make oil and water mixed together, emulsifying as white as milk. In order to make the powder as thick as milk, thickening polysaccharides are also used to make it thick. In the production process of vegetable fat powder, caramel pigment is also needed to make it look like cream color.

In addition, cream flavor flavor and pH regulator will be added in the production process of vegetable fat powder to extend the shelf life. Of course, creamer can not only replace milk, but also be used as a coffee companion in coffee. The production of ice cream, ice cream, nutritional X-ray and other milk drinks, milk tea, baked food, cream chocolate, etc., is also inseparable from the fat powder.

In a word, the milk vegetable oil made of water, oil and several additives is called vegetable fat powder. Why use non-dairy creamer to make milk tea? I believe you have fully understood. The majority of milk tea raw material wholesalers who want to experience Boduo International’s fat powder series products are welcome to leave a message on this website for consultation!