Will the milk flavor be lost if the creamer is left for a long time?

Vegetable fat powder, also known as milk essence, is also a kind of modern food. Milk tea milk essence is a kind of vegetable fat powder, its main use is milk tea series cold drink raw material. Milk essence is the key part of milk tea, good milk essence into tea, not only make tea sweet and astringent into smooth, but also add a taste of color. So, will the milk flavor be lost if the creamer is left for a long time? We can learn more about it.

Vegetable fat powder is a high-tech product produced by advanced technology and equipment with high-quality vegetable oil, corn syrup, high-grade emulsifier, anti caking agent, etc. The emulsified plant fat powder has good solubility, emulsifying dispersibility, and forms a uniform milk like liquid in water. Therefore, it can be mixed with any proportion of powder and liquid.

Vegetable fat powder can improve the internal organization of food, increase the aroma of fat, and make the taste delicate, smooth, thick and rich in “milk flavor”. Therefore, it is also a good partner of coffee products. It can be used in instant Cereals, cakes, biscuits, etc., to make the cake delicate, moist and elastic. Biscuits can improve the crispness, not easy to oil.

As for the corresponding questions that we are concerned about:will the milk flavor be lost if the creamer is left for a long time? Many milk tea shop operators and desserts shop operators found that after a long time of planting fat powder, the milk flavor will not only be lost, the lid is not tightly covered, but also caking phenomenon will occur. This is a phenomenon that can not be avoided. Therefore, many operators often make statistics on the usage of corresponding stores to ensure that they purchase appropriate amount of end products every month, so as not to cause corresponding waste.