What is a coffee companion

1、 Coffee companion

Coffee excipients are also called coffee partners. If the strong bitter coffee is the devil, then milk and sugar are angels. Nowadays, coffee tastes more and more diversified. Milk, cream, fresh milk, milk granules, sugar and other ingredients have become the fixed scenery on the coffee table.

2、 Milk and cream

Usually people like to drink coffee with sugar and milk, or cream. Choose different milk products, can give coffee another flavor, enjoy the varied taste.

1. Fresh cream is also called raw cream. This is a high concentration cream which is separated from the fat from fresh milk. It can be used in a wide range of applications, such as butter, ice cream, cake, or coffee. The highest fat content of fresh cream is 45% – 50%, and the lowest is 25% – 35%. The best way to make coffee is to use fresh cream with fat content of 25% – 35%.

2. Foaming Cream: the whipped cream is turned into foam cream after stirring and foaming. This cream tastes the best with the bitter espresso.

3. Condensed milk: concentrate milk 1-2.5 times to become sugar free condensed milk. The canned condensed milk sold in general stores is heated and sterilized, but it is easy to rot after opening the can and cannot be preserved for a long time. When making coffee, whipped cream will float a layer of fat on the coffee, while condensed milk will precipitate in the coffee.

4. Milk and cream: milk is suitable for blending espresso or as a variation of fancy coffee, while creamer is convenient to use and easy to store. But no matter what kind of products you use, you can make a delicious cup of coffee according to your preference. When fresh cream is added to coffee, the appearance of feathery oil on the surface is due to fat separation when adding sour coffee or using stale dairy products. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to the freshness of dairy products, high-fat fresh cream should be mixed with coffee with mild sour taste.

3、 Sugars

The purpose of adding sugar to coffee is to ease the bitterness and create a totally different taste depending on the amount of sugar. Sugar powder: it is a refined sugar, no special flavor, easy to dissolve, usually in 5-8 grams of small packaging easy to use. The price is slightly higher than that of ordinary sugar.

Cube sugar: add water to refined sugar and solidify it into lumps. The sugar is easy to preserve and easy to dissolve.

White granulated sugar: white granulated sugar is also refined sugar. It is a coarse crystalline solid with white color. Most of the products are packed in 8 grams for each use.

Black granulated sugar: This is a kind of brown granulated sugar, a little burnt, commonly used in the preparation of Irish coffee.

Rock sugar: transparent crystal shape, sweet light, and not easy to dissolve. It is usually ground into fine particles for coffee or flavored tea.

Coffee candy: a kind of sugar specially used for coffee. It is brown colored granulated sugar or square sugar. Compared with other sugars, coffee candy has a longer sweetness on the tongue.

4、 Other accessories

Coffee varies according to local conditions and preferences, so there are many different ways to drink coffee. At the same time, in order to improve the taste of coffee, various additives are used. It is used for flavoring and decorating the flavor coffee, enriching the new enjoyment of coffee.

1. Spices: Cinnamon (divided into powder or stick), cocoa, cardamom, mint, clove, etc., among which cinnamon and cocoa are commonly used in cappuccino.

2. Fruit: orange, lemon, pineapple, banana, etc., used for flavoring and decoration of fancy coffee, enriching the alternative enjoyment of coffee.

3. Liquor: brandy, whisky, rum, mint liqueur, etc., is the magician who mixes fancy coffee.

Mingdian sugar bag: imported Korean refined granulated sugar is packed separately, with fine and uniform particles, white color, strong water solubility, without any additives and preservatives.

Mingdian milk Granule: fragrant and smooth, with excellent harmony, which makes coffee more mellow.