Why add lemon juice to jam? How to make jam without lemon juice

Jam is a delicious food. When you make jam, you need to add lemon juice. Why do you add lemon juice? How to make jam without lemon juice? Let’s introduce it below!

Why add lemon juice to jam

Lemon juice is mentioned in many jam practices because lemon juice can adjust acidity, sterilize and antiseptic, increase fruit aroma and improve gloss

Citric acid in lemon juice is a pure natural antiseptic, and it also has the unique fragrance of lemon. It can not only prolong the shelf life, but also make the jam have the flavor of lemon. In addition, adjusting the amount of lemon juice can also play a role in adjusting the acidity and sweetness of jam, so that the sweet and sour degree of jam is just suitable for your taste

Lemon juice added to jam can also improve the gloss, let jam look beautiful luster

What if you don’t have lemon juice

1. If you don’t put lemon, you should choose the fruit with higher acidity. In this way, the jam made by adding sugar is sour and sweet. If it is sweet, you need to use lemon to adjust the acidity,

2. It depends on what kind of jam you want to make. Apples, hawthorn and strawberries can be made. The ingredients can be rock sugar or white granulated sugar and honey. Lemon in jam is not only seasoning, but also adding some lemon juice. The jam is not easy to be damaged because lemon has antiseptic function. If it is urgent to do it, it is OK to use some lemon as far as possible, No more, just one or two

3. If you don’t put lemon, you should choose the fruit with higher acidity when choosing fruit. In this way, the jam made by adding sugar is sour and sweet jam. If it’s sweet fruit, you need to use lemon to adjust the acidity. Once I made mango jam, I didn’t add lemon. As a result, it was too sweet, and there was no sour taste at all. Therefore, we can’t replace it with orange, because orange is also sweet without white vinegar, But I think the effect should not be good, vinegar acid is another taste, will affect the taste of jam, vitamin C even more do not know, otherwise you add some Hawthorn try, may be good

Procedure of making jam by oneself

1. Peach wash clean, to clean the fur on the skin, because sometimes there are insect eggs on the fur. Can not see very small, if convenient can peel off the skin

2. Slice the peach, there is a core in the middle, so it is more troublesome to cut the peach. So it is suggested to choose the soft peach. After slicing, cut it into pieces

3. Prepared Wangzai QQ sugar, (first try whether there is poison, joking ha, ha ha) remember, because it is made of honey peach jam, so the prepared Wangzai QQ should also be honey peach flavor, or the taste of cooking will be very strange

4. Wash the pot and open fire. Put the cut peach in, cover the peach with water, stir fry over medium heat, and cook the peach juice

5. Boil the juice over medium heat and stir fry for a few minutes

6. Wait until the peach cooked to 7 minutes, with a spoon to crush the peach. Then add the peach flavor QQ sugar, stir fry

7. Add two sweet sour plum (sweet plum sauce is OK), add some sugar and a little vinegar. Stir fry, I like to taste it

8. Take a bowl, add a spoonful of sweet potato powder, add some water, stir well, put in the pot and jam, stir evenly, wait until the color becomes transparent, no milky white ripe. Can be put out, wait for all cooling. Put into the refrigerator, ice, it is