Is zero trans fatty acid really zero addition?

If you are not sure about the answers to the above questions, you may as well take a minute or two to look down and see how Ma Kun, the national senior nutritionist, explains when he trains the employees of the company he wants to work as a nutritionist.

Trans fatty acid is a kind of harmful fatty acid, which can increase the incidence of cardiovascular disease, heart disease and obesity, and also have adverse effects on the central nervous system of fetus and newborn, and interfere with the growth and development of infants.

Large intake of trans fatty acids, cognitive function will decline quickly, commonly known as more and more stupid, elderly people eat a lot of trans fatty acids easy to cause Alzheimer’s disease. The latest research in the United States also found that trans fatty acids can reduce male hormone secretion, have a negative impact on sperm, and affect male reproductive health.

This kind of harmful substance is less in natural food, mainly in margarine, shortening, frying oil and other hydrogenated oils. Vegetable oil can also produce trans fatty acids in high temperature for a long time, which is why frying food is not recommended.

Trans fatty acids do a lot of harm. Many people will consciously check the label when they buy food. When they see that trans fatty acid = 0, they can buy with confidence. But does zero trans fatty acids really mean zero addition?

China’s “general principles for nutrition labeling of prepackaged food” stipulates that if the trans fat content of every 100g food is less than 0.3g, it can be marked as 0 in the label. After reading this regulation, you can still look at the food label calmly.

In fact, in addition to the food labels, we should also look at the food ingredients list. There are some “spokesmen” for trans fatty acids. For example, the common shortening oil is hydrogenated XX oil. The trans fat content is 7.3% – 31.7%, which is generally more than 10%. There are also vegetable butter and vegetable butter. You can feel healthy if you don’t see the plants. The plants here actually mean artificial and contain a lot of trans fatty acids. The common vegetable fat powder in instant coffee, also called milk essence, is mainly composed of hydrogenated vegetable oil, sweeteners and various stabilizers. In addition, refined vegetable oil also contains trans fatty acids, Many processed foods contain refined palm oil, which is actually very unhealthy.

With this knowledge, you can find out the truth from the ingredient list even if there is no trans fatty acid on the food package. If the food label says trans fatty acid = 0, it may contain 0.3g trans fatty acid per 100g food. Who recommends that adults should take less than 2.2g of trans fatty acid per day. Before you eat foods that contain trans fatty acids, make a careful calculation.

However, although trans fatty acids are harmful, there are still many fatty acids that are beneficial to human body, and even necessary. For example, flaxseed oil, which is owned by sujiu group, is rich in essential fatty acid omega-3 (α – linolenic acid), which can be safely eaten. It is a healthy edible oil that should be eaten every day.